Officials in Talks for Clear Signage for Los Indios Boundary Line

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LOS INDIOS – Officials at the Los Indios free-trade international bridge want to put up a United States flag on the U.S.-Mexico border after Tamaulipas State Police were caught on surveillance video crossing the border.

The act of crossing the border is a violation of the law and compromise between both countries.

Officials in the United States are still unclear why the Tamaulipas State Police units traveled into the U.S. on Saturday.

“We give them the benefit of the doubt, we understand that it was not a malicious crossing, but nonetheless it shouldn't happen,” said Josue Garcia Jr., the bridge system director for Cameron County International Bridge System.

Garcia Jr. said he wasn't alerted to this weekend's incident, but said it will be discussed with Mexican officials.

He added, his office is talking about installing signs or a flag to avoid a similar incident from reoccurring.

"To do a better demarcation on our side- put a U.S. flag right in the middle of the bridge where people can really know that they're in Mexico because you have people from other (cities) including police that are not from this area,” said Garcia Jr.

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