State Inspection Report Reveals Past Violations at Donna Water Tower

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DONNA – A steady stream of water continues to fall from a water tower in Donna. CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned that the city was warned something like this could happen.

Inspections reviewed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality show the tower had maintenance issues.

Officials are working on a repair plan.

The city of Donna told us they don’t know the cause of the leak. State inspections point to a need for maintenance.

The Donna water system compliance history report, Feb. 2013, “failure to properly maintain all ground storage tanks, standpipes and elevated storage tanks.”

In Feb. 2014, it states, “failure to properly maintain all ground storage tanks, standpipes and elevated storage tanks.”

In Feb. 2016, TCEQ reported the same violation.

On Nov. 20, 2017, four weeks ago, the tower received the same violation once again.

A spokesperson says November’s violation specifically pertains to the 500,000-gallon water tank near Donna High School.

The reports don’t specifically state what the maintenance issues are.

A TCEQ spokesperson says inspections are required annually and done either by a city’s water system staff or a contracted inspection service.

The TCEQ reviews the results and issues any pertinent violations.

Again, the reports do not specify exactly what those maintenance issues are.

In this case, the TCEQ says they haven’t received any complaints from the public about the leak.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will be following up with the city of Donna about the water tank’s status.

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