Mercedes Resident Calls for Code Enforcement to Clean Up Messy Property

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MERCEDES – A Mercedes woman is fed up with the mess some of her neighbors are making in her neighborhood.

Dalia Pena said after a pig showed up in her front yard, she wanted to know what the city was going to do about the multiple code violations.

“We have a house that apparently was not built to code,” she explained as she pointed to the property across from her, located near South Colorado Avenue.

Pena said she can name a few reasons why she wants it gone.

“Rodents for one, stench for second,” she said. “When it rains, the grounds of the animals get wet and you can smell the stench, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Not to mention it devalues our property.”

She said with cows down the road and now, a goat that’s popped up across the street. She wants to know why it’s taking the city so long to get the mess cleaned up.

“This is not just something that happened overnight,” Pena said. “It’s a concern to me. It’s a concern to my neighborhood because this was not in my neighborhood years back.”

Mercedes building inspector and code enforcer Esmeralda Moreno told us they’re working on it.

She said the city issued a citation to the property back in August for construction without a permit. She added they asked the property owner to remove the structure but he never complied.

Moreno said when they found the pig went to the property – which is against city ordinance. That’s when they asked the property owner to clean up.

“I want the city to follow up on this gentleman,” Pena said. “I want them to do what they’re called to do and enforce the ordinances that they themselves have set.”

Moreno said the man was supposed to appear in court but he never showed up. Another letter was sent for the property owner to re-appear in court on Jan. 10.

If he doesn’t show up, code enforcement says a warrant will be issued.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS also asked about the other property with cows further down the street.

Moreno said they’re actually in compliance with city ordinances because the cows are more than 150 feet away from where people are living.

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