Hands-On Learning in Tech, Engineering Fields Benefit Students’ Future

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MCALLEN – Hands-on learning for individuals in technology and engineering fields create a deeper sense of understanding according to a study by Purdue University.

Students in that field at South Texas College apply the same concept.

From an early age, Lizeth De La Cruz had her heart set on helping others.

“Back then I would tell them, 'Oh I want to be a doctor,'” said De La Cruz, a college freshman.

With time, she opted for a different field that maintained that hands-on challenge.

“Now my major is completely different than what I’m studying right now. I’m studying computer specialist in science,” she said.

She believes with the ever-changing technology-driven lifestyles we live, this major fits the best of both worlds.

“For me, I feel I’m a doctor for computers like I can fix them. I could fix my phones,” De La Cruz said.

Her major is one of the many that are offered in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program at STC.

“Besides manufacturing we offer welding, we offer automotive, HVAC, different programs. Again, they’re available at the certificate level and in the associate level courses,” said Assistant Dean of Business, Public Safety, and Technology Dr. Esmeralda Adame.

These degrees come with hands-on learning.

De La Cruz has already put her skill set to the test. Friends are seeking her out to fix their electronics.

“Hey, can you take this virus off my computer, hey can you do this and can you do that,” said De La Cruz.

The hands-on learning experience she’s gained in the classroom has helped her land work opportunities.

She says she looks forward to learning more in the upcoming years at STC.

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