Rise in Robberies During Holiday Season, According to Law Enforcement

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CAMERON PARK – Shoppers and thieves alike make their way to stores in higher numbers toward the end of the year, according to Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

Lucio said burglars target businesses thinking a higher number of shoppers means there will be more money in the cash register.

The declaration by Lucio comes after an armed man robbed a store at knife-point Tuesday afternoon.

Urbano Francisco owns a business within walking distance of the incident. With the suspect still at large, he’s staying vigilant of everyone entering and exiting his store.

Francisco believes the foot traffic at his store serves as a deterrent, but he still staffs at least three employees a shift to keep watch of folks and monitor every aisle.

He’s trained his employees how to respond if an armed robber makes their way through the front door.

“[I tell them] let them take the money, and if you have a way to, immediately contact police or the Sheriff's Office," said Francisco.

There are ways you can protect your business from falling victim to crooks:

  • Be aware of all customers entering and exiting the store by monitoring their behavior- whether they're looking around or keeping watch of the register.
  • Install quality surveillance cameras. These won't always prevent a robbery, but it'll give police a better shot at identifying and tracking down the suspect or suspects.
  • Conduct frequent money drops to avoid large amounts of cash from sitting in the register.

Contact law enforcement if there's a suspicious client at their store so they can stop by the location to make sure everything is in order.

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