TxDOT Construction Sends Sewage into Donna Home

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DONNA – When raw sewage bubbled through the drains, 82-year-old Juanita Elizondo couldn't handle the mess until her children came to help.

"Here she is with these fumes," said her daughter, Erica Elizondo-Betancourt.

The elderly Elizondo recently returned from the hospital with lung issues, said her daughter. Friday she said the sewage backed into the home.

The backup was caused by a broken sewage pipe we saw for ourselves in front of the home.

The pipe sits in a construction zone to widen FM 493, under management by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The sewage pipe was broken by the construction project's contractor, said a spokesperson for the city of Donna.

"This is the second time," said Elizondo-Betancourt, referring to the last time she said sewage overflowed into her home because of the project. "Three, four months apart that it's happened."

CHANNEL 5 NEWS described the problem to TxDOT. Spokesperson Octavio Saenz said he is unavailable until next week.

On Thursday, a Donna crew came to move soil from the broken sewage pipe. The action would prevent soil from blocking the pipe, and keep sewage from running back into the home.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will follow up with TxDOT and the project's contractor, to find a permanent solution to the problem.

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