Local Fire Dept. Advises Proper Christmas Tree Disposal

Posted: Updated: Dec 29, 2017 12:15 AM

WESLACO – The Weslaco Fire Department says with Christmas being over, that means it's time to correctly dispose of your Christmas tree.

Weslaco Fire Department paramedic Justin Mora says after Christmas, that tree that brought your family so much joy, can be the catalyst for a deadly fire in a matter of seconds.

Mora explains after Christmas, many families forget to water their Christmas tree which in turn causes the tree to dry quickly.

He says that dry tree then becomes the perfect fuel for a fire.

More told CHANNEL 5 NEWS in a matter of seconds heat from a Christmas light or a spark from an electric socket can initiate a blaze.

The fire department is not only asking residents to dispose of the trees but to do so correctly.

“We also don’t want people just dumping them on the side of the street, like on the canals, stuff like that in the fields because that just creates another hazard for us. It could cause another brush fire which could get out of hand,” said Mora.

He explains the risk of brush fires is just as high in the winter as it is in the summer.

In fact, he says the lower humidity dries out crops and vegetation which add to the brush fire risk.

Mora asks that you contact your city hall to learn where is the correct location to safely get rid of your tree.

He also says many cities such as Weslaco offer Christmas tree collection days.

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