Diver Takes Precautions to Prevent Contamination in Donna's Water Tower

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DONNA – The diver responsible for patching Donna’s water tower Thursday had to take a series of steps to prevent the contamination of the city’s drinking water.

The Donna water tower sprung a leak Tuesday night.

The diving company’s vice president says the diver who went into the tank was wearing a fully sealed drysuit sealed with latex from head to toe, including a helmet.

The suit was disinfected with a chlorine solution before he entered the water.

“And pretty much you just get in there and find it, which was pretty easy to find because it was a pretty big leak. And we just fill it in with a product called AquataPoxy and its potable water-safe,” said Taylor Diving Vice President Christian Pagan.

The 500,000-gallon water tower holds reserve drinking water for the city.

City officials said the repairs were in compliance with state regulations.

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