2 Dead Calves Found Burnt on Roadside

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NEAR MERCEDES – Two weeks ago, Enrique Charles was appalled at finding two dead calves on the side of his county road. On Thursday, it happened again.

Two more calves were discovered by another resident, several miles away. Those calves were found burnt with the ground charred underneath them.

"I don't understand why they throw animals like that," said Teo Martinez, the Hidalgo County Cowboy.

Martinez is a longtime partner of county law enforcement and assists them with livestock issues.

Martinez said this kind of dumping is a crime. Livestock owners must bury their dead animals, he said.

He believes the two findings may be related to the same owner. Yellow ear tags found at one of the two calves at each site match, he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the Texas Animal Health Commission, requesting the agency locate the owner of the calves.

A spokesperson said they can only honor such requests for law enforcement.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported the issue to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office and is asking for their assistance.

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