State Fire Officials Investigate Deadly San Carlos House Fire

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UPDATE (1/4): The State Fire Marsha's Office is now investigating last weekend's deadly fire in San Carlos. 

A woman and two of her children died. 

State investigators are looking at pictures of the home's electrical system. 

The condition of the 6-year-old injured in the blazed is improving. 


SAN CARLOS –Three people are dead after a Saturday morning fire in San Carlos. 

Multiple agencies assisted, including the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, Edinburg Fire Department, and the Hidalgo County Fire Marshal's Office.

Investigators say at this time, the cause is undetermined, but they are focusing on the electrical system. 

The victims were 32-year-old Lucia Gomez, her 7-year-old son Ricardo, and 3-year-old son Daniel Alberto.

Her 6-year-old son Pablo Rafael was flown to San Antonio to be treated for life-threatening injuries. 

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal investigator Franz told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the mother did everything she could to try to save her children, but it appears she died of smoke inhalation. 

"There were no working smoke detectors inside the home. We're not going to say for certain, but there is a chance that lives could have been saved had there had been working smoke detectors in this home," Franz said.

He said it could be more than a week until they determine the exact cause of the fire. 

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