Pharr Business Owner Speaks Out Following Break-In

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PHARR – The cold weather can't hold back thieves from entering your car. A Rio Grande Valley security company is asking for their own protection and help.

Surveillance video shows a man throwing an object into South Star Security Company’s vehicle’s window.

“It's kind of odd because we do security in different kind of places, buildings, banks schools at night,” said South Star Security Owner Johnny Ayala. “And then it happens to us here, in our own hometown, at our own office.”

Ayala said this is not the first time it happened.

"It's kind of tough because it's more of an inconvenience. You know you have to clean it, you got to take it, and you got to fix it,” he said. “Then you got to bring it back and then and we don't have any other place for our vehicles. They're just here. We put a light and still don’t help."

After turning on the headlights, the bad guy moves in for something Ayala didn’t expect.

"The only thing he does, he takes the license plate tag. You can see him actually with a knife taking it out, and that's all he does,” he said.  

Ayala said he filed a police report with the Pharr Police Department. They’re currently working on the case.

Weslaco police public information officer Bernie Garza said it's not common to steal the registration stickers, but it does happen.

"Either he's going to use it himself or he'll sell it to somebody else that has an expired registration on their vehicle,” he explained.

Garza said many of these stolen registration stickers may end up sold on the streets.

"He took it right off the front windshield. He was going to sell it or do whatever he's going to do with it. A lot of people just happen to buy some of these, they go there at the flea markets,” he said.

Garza explains the stickers won’t go far if thieves are caught with them.

"And those registration stickers now, they actually have their license plate that goes to the vehicle it's for. It also has the county it belongs to,” he said.

Ayala wants officers in his city to continue to search for the suspect.

"With this video they have, they can go back there and show it around to people. Maybe somebody will recognize the individual that had the coat on,” said Ayala.

Garza said if caught, fines can be more than $300 and the car will be seized.

He added if you are a victim, you first have to file a police report and provide the report to the registration office.

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