Businesses Can Deny Good, Service if Customer Doesn't Provide ID

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MCALLEN – Starting Monday, if you use your credit or debit card and refuse to show a government-issued identification card, businesses in Texas can legally deny you a product or service.

Texas Senate Bill 1381 was drafted to minimize the dangers of stolen or lost cards being turned into fraudulent ones. The new law is geared towards protecting businesses, merchants, and consumers.

Bryan Munoz is a cell phone technician at Phone Doctor in McAllen. He said employees routinely ask for ID when a customer pays with a card, but they aren't always willing to provide one.

He said a single transaction averages a hundred dollars. A faulty card would cost them big time.

Otherwise, the bank would be responsible for covering the cost.

According to an analysis detailed in the new law, the option to turn down business without the proof of a photo ID wasn't possible before due to "restrictive terms of agreements with the major credit card companies."

Munoz hopes this last line of defense will protect his customers from becoming the newest victims of fraud.

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