Gas Line Repairs at Donna House to be Finalized

Posted: Updated: Jan 02, 2018 05:49 PM

UPDATE (1/3): Repairs to a Donna gas line are almost complete. 

Ramon Guzman Jr. told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he called his gas company, Texas Gas Service, for a month to let them know there was a strong smell of natural gas on his property. 

When no one helped, he called 5 On Your Side. 

A TGS spokesperson said a worker located a leak and turned off gas to Guzman's house while repairs were made. 

Crews were still on the property trying to fix the leak. Repairs are expected to be complete by the end of Wednesday. 


DONNA – A Donna man wants to clear the air around his house. He says the smell of gas has overwhelmed his neighborhood long enough.

Ramon Guzman Jr. says his home needs natural gas to use the stove and water heater. But, he feels the gas lines in his yard are more dangerous than helpful.

Guzman says he feels his home is now in a danger zone. He says the constant smell of natural gas has him worried.

"I have a bunch of friends that come by to check up on me and see how I'm doing. Everybody, all the time, they come here, they keep saying there's a strong odor of gas," he says.

Guzman told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he's been trying to get some answers from his natural gas distributor. He says the company, Texas Gas Service, responded to him about four weeks ago.

"They sent an inspector out here because the inspector was with a meter out here checking," he adds.

Guzman says the inspector came and went.  He says the smell stayed and grew stronger.

"Due to the season, New Year's Eve, there was a lot of fireworks and since the odor is very strong we were thinking there could be an effect with the spark and the gas leak going on," he noted.

We reached out to TGS to see what could be done to eliminate the odor. We were told a worker would be sent to check out the problem.

The Texas Gas Service spokesperson then told us to turn off our cellphone and step outside of the house to avoid any dangers with the gas in the air.

TGS sent a worker to evaluate the problem a half hour later. The worker discovered a leak in an underground line in front of Guzman's home. The gas line was turned off and the line was no longer leaking.

The company also sent a crew in the afternoon with the machinery to dig into the ground. Christy Penders with Texas Gas Service says the crew will fix the leak once the rain stops. They plan to be back Wednesday to finish the repair.

Guzman says he is happy as long as the smell is gone from his yard.

Penders adds the odorant added to the natural gas and the gas itself will linger for a few hours Tuesday night.

We wanted to know what the best action is if you have a natural gas emergency. Penders says if you have a natural gas emergency with Texas Gas Service, you are asked to report it right away.

The company has an emergency hotline in El Paso to call if you have the strong odor of natural gas at your home. It is 800-959-LEAK or 5325. You can also call 911.

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