Rio Grande City Pastor Helps Community Stay Warm

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RIO GRANDE CITY – One pastor is doing what he can to help people in need of a warm place to stay.

The pastor at Wings on Fire Ministries said he’s willing to drive those in his community without adequate heating to his churches warming center.

Luz Garcia recently moved to Rio Grande City two months ago. She said she’s lived in several cold cities throughout the years.

On cold days like Tuesday, she knows she needs to do more than just turn on the heater.

“I take showers, cover-up, but mostly what helps me is keeping hydrated and taking warm showers,” Garcia explained.

She feels blessed to have a warm place to stay during this cold snap. She said she feels for those in the community who don’t have adequate heating.

Pastor Anselmo Cruz of Wings on Fire Ministries in Rio Grande City told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he’s not only providing a warming center for those folks, but he’ll even pick them up.

“Many people don’t have transportation, especially in the cold right? So we try to as much as we can to bring them over to go pick them up if we can,” Cruz said.

The pastor explained he or a member of his church will pick anyone up in Rio Grande City, Roma or La Grulla area.

Cruz said his church of roughly 60 members feel they need to do what they can to help those in need.

“To open up the place, he just spoke to me, he said there’s people who don’t have a heated place you have a nice big space. It’s not too big, not too fancy, but you have a heated place you know you can use somebody may need it,” Cruz told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Cruz explained he’ll provide the heat and refreshments. He only asks that those in need bring their own bedding.

For now, he said to take advantage of the heating center people only need to call 956-735-7038 before 10 p.m.

The warming center will be open until Friday morning. Cruz told CHANNEL 5 NEWS if the church is able to save one life, their Mission is complete.

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