Brownsville Soup Kitchen Providing Shelter from Cold Weather

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BROWNSVILLE – A downtown soup kitchen in Brownsville is going above and beyond to help keep those seeking shelter, warm.

The Good Neighbor Settlement House normally serves breakfast and lunch for the homeless and low-income families. They also allow them to stay at their outdoor patio throughout the day.

For the past several days, though, they have been opening the indoor auditorium for those looking to escape the cold temperatures.

There’s about 20 individuals that stay during the day here in the warm auditorium,” said Judith Rodriguez of the Good Neighbor Settlement House. “I’ve also seen a lot of volunteers and people out in the community donating blankets and we’ve used that in the auditorium. And coats, we’ve given coats to individuals that are in need.”

Different non-profit organizations also use the soup kitchen to serve dinner.

Anyone is welcome to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The shelter also provides transportation to the Ozanam Shelter, which provides beds and overnight stays. 

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