Willacy County Residents Concerned About 8 Liners

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WILLACY COUNTY--With Willacy county's temporary halt to commercial building permits coming to an end this month, some residents are worried this means more 8 liners will be popping up.

Last month, Willacy county commissioners passed this temporary halt on building permits for 30 days to restrict the growth of 8-liners.

With the halt expect to lift soon, people in Sebastian are hoping the county has a more concrete answer. 

"It's always nice to see the area grow but when I see these 8 liners here already we have a poor population here," said Ben Barrientez, a Sebastian resident.

Over the years, Barrientez says he's seen more and more 8 liners fill his town

"I don't know if it's bad necessarily to have a couple or few but this area is just being drowned in them I don't think we need as many as there are now," said Barrientez.

The county even took action to temporarily halt commercial building permits for 30 days.

"That has helped it's keeping them from growing but there are still so many there," said Larry Spence, the Willacy county sheriff.

The move from the county is as it states only temporary, something Barrientez is concerned with.

"That kind of concerns me as a citizen I would really hope that the county takes a really good look at it," said Barrientez.

"Raymondville has an ordinance Lyford has an ordinance the county has nothing," said Sheriff Larry Spence when asked why he thinks these businesses chose Sebastian versus other towns.

Barrientez says he's all for bringing in more businesses to his town, he just hopes there is more variety in the future.

Sheriff Spence says the county is still deciding on what their next step is.

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