300 Sea Turtles Released into Ocean

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – Three-hundred sea turtles were released back into the ocean Monday off the shores of South Padre Island.

The turtles washed up near Boca Chica Beach last week when temperatures dipped into the low 30s.

Workers from Sea Turtle, Inc. along with dozens of volunteers spent four days patrolling the beaches, picking up the cold-stunned turtles.

Sea Turtle, Inc. marketing director Sanjuana Zavala said when the water gets colder than 55 degrees, it makes it hard for sea turtles to swim and breathe.

She said their bodies end up going into shock and if they’re not pulled off the water, they could drown.

Workers and volunteers spent the last four days patrolling the beaches picking up the affected turtles.

“They get measured, they get weighed, we record kind of like when you go into the hospital,” she said, “they get their own little medical record, they get a number, they get a bracelet because all of this will get back into our research.”

The turtles that didn’t survive will be taken to Corpus Christi for research.

Those released into the ocean Monday will spend some time in the warm waters off the shores of Mexico before they swim back to the Laguna Madre.

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