As Students Return to Class, Valley School Districts Take Extra Precautions on Flu

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LA JOYA – Students will head back to school this week from winter break and school districts across the Rio Grande Valley are taking extra steps to prevent a flu outbreak.

Medical experts are concerned the flu will spread even more now that school will be back in session.

Mark Bullard, a video production teacher, said 120 students come and go through his classroom every day at La Joya ISD.

Bullard said computers are frequently used every day for his class.

“I have the hand bacterial, some Lysol and paper towels, stuff like that. And I try to direct the kids to take it upon themselves to go ahead and clean down the keyboard and the mice themselves,” he said.

So far, 46 states are reporting widespread flu activity.

Mission CISD is using a new device this year. The district purchased high-tech, electrostatic disinfection units for its schools and school buses.

“Basically, the device is an added layer we’re hoping to use as a preventive measure,” said district spokesperson Craig Verley.

A disinfectant comes out with an electric static charge so more surfaces can be reached.

“It’s designed to be able to hit the classrooms, the hallways, all your areas where people are in regularly, but also the weight rooms, locker rooms,” he explained.

Doctors said it’s not too late to get a flu shot, but health officials said it’s only about 30 percent effective against the most powerful strain.

For more information for parents on flu: Click here.

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