Low Humidity Blamed for 3 Grass Fires in Edinburg

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EDINBURG – In Edinburg, crews fought a series of grass fires Monday. Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider says the first, near Linn-San Manuel, was caused by a semi-truck that lost a rear set of tires.

The second, on Jackson Road and Monte Cristo, was a burn that got out of control. A third fire on Monte Cristo and Brushline was caused by a truck's exhaust system.

Snider says no one was injured in any of the fires. A rancher near one of those fires is happy it wasn't worse.

Alejandro Linares Martinez says he was impressed by how quickly Edinburg Fire crews responded to the grass fire across the street from him.

Martinez was struck by what he saw Monday afternoon. He's lived and worked on this land for five years.

"I was here working at the ranch and all of the sudden I saw smoke," he said.

He says, had the flames not been contained, the fire could have spread quickly to his property and been very destructive.

"The grass is what can be damaged. The livestock's food," adds Martinez.

Martinez is worried few people who travel through the area really pay attention to the possibility of setting fire by their actions.

"There just has to be more caution so it won't happen again," he notes.

Snider says with weather conditions like those we had Monday and will have Tuesday, flames can move fast.

"Because the rain has stopped and we've had extremely low humidity, the conditions north of Edinburg are extremely ripe for fires that get started to get out of control rapidly because of low humidity and the wind," says Snider.

Snider adds those who are burning in Edinburg need to have a permit, especially with these dangerous weather conditions.

The fire chief says if you decide to burn without a permit, at least make sure you have a water source nearby.

He adds to make sure the fire is small enough it could be put out with a garden hose.

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