Bicyclist Recovering after Being Struck by Car in Brownsville

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BROWNSVILLE – A bicyclist who suffered minor injuries after being hit by a vehicle in Brownsville continues to recover. 

Police say the cyclist was hit around 10 p.m. Sunday on the 4800 block of Paredes Line Road.

Brownsville police spokesman J.J. Trevino says it could have been avoided. He explained the cyclist crossed where he wasn’t supposed to and wasn’t wearing reflective clothing.

“You have to have the proper lighting, the proper clothing,” he says. “Make sure you’re visible. And it’s all for the safety of the cyclist anyway. It’s to their benefit.”

Trevino says they are issuing citations to those who are not wearing the proper clothing or lighting to ride a bike.

He reminds cyclists to obey the rules of the road to stay safe. 

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