Valley Agency's Start-Off Process to Seeking Out Employment

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WESLACO – Many people across the Rio Grande Valley are searching for their dream job. Texas Workforce Solutions tells us the process finding that job does not have to be a difficult one.

“I just graduated in December,” says Juan Garza who recently received a psychology degree from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. 

He says since beginning high school, he’s dreamed of one day making a difference in the world.

“The thing I want to do is applied behavior analysis. It’s a lot of work they do with autistic kids and I feel like that’s really important,” he says.

He says his resume is all set and he’s ready to work.

Garza told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he’s heard of Texas Workforce Solutions but doesn’t know how it works.

We wanted to know what people like Garza can expect when they use Texas Workforce Solutions for help.

Geri Escobar, the office manager at the Workforce Solutions in Weslaco, explained to us how the organization can assist Garza and others land their dream job.

Escobar says a job seeker’s first step is to create an online profile.

“We will help them log into if they don’t already have a profile, and help them match to positions that are open within the area they are looking for,” she said.

Escobar’s office has a computer lab for job seekers who are computer savvy. For those who aren’t comfortable using a computer, the office provides a free one-on-one consultation with an employment specialist who can help create the profile.

How about those who do not have a resume? She says that’s no problem.

“No, they don’t already need to bring in a resume. When creating a profile in workintexas, it’s also creating a resume for you,” explained Escobar.

Escobar says, next, job seekers may join the job club. The job club consists of a number of free workshops each month, such as time management, coping with stress, problem-solving and conflict resolutions among others.

And for those who need sharping of their interview skills, a mock interview and consultation are even offered.

“The job seeker will sit down in front of a computer. They should come in prepared to interview, just as if they were going to a live interview. So they would be, you know, dressed professional,” said Escobar.

Once someone goes through the mock interview, they will meet with an employment specialist to go over each question that was answered. The specialist will then evaluate how the applicant did and what they might want to practice on.

Workforce Solutions even helps job seekers meet potential employers by offering job fairs and hiring events. Escobar recommends all job seekers to take advantage.

“You get the opportunity to meet the employer, they get to meet you and you can sell yourself to them; the skills, your qualifications that you have in a quick few minutes and also have the opportunity to submit your resume or application to them,” said Escobar.

We informed Garza of the process in which Workforce Solutions can assist him in finding his dream job. He says he plans on stopping by.

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