Emergency Services Facility Coming to Hidalgo Co. Community

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SAN CARLOS - A community waited years and Hidalgo County waited months for emergency services to be closer.

On Tuesday, Hidalgo County Commissioners approved for an emergency services facility to be placed in San Carlos. 

The waiting didn't end soon enough to save the lives of three people.

A memorial stands as a reminder of three lives and time passed. A community is standing together.

"Because, it's a big family and I think if something happens to my family or something like that I think it's sad,” said San Carlos homeowner Mayra Cabrera.

Mayra Cabrera lived in San Carlos for 26 years. Cabrera is part of a group of daughters and mothers standing together for improvement.

They waited to hear from the county for the approval of an emergency services facility in San Carlos. It will house firefighters, ambulance services and law enforcement.

"We think it's necessary to bring the service to San Carlos because we are like far away from the city,” said Cabrera.

Hidalgo County Precinct 4 Commissioner Joseph Palacios points out it takes the Edinburg Fire Department about 10 to 25 minutes to respond to an emergency in San Carlos.

"We've had loss of life just because of the response time from the urbanized area responding to the area. That lag of time, because its 10-15 miles away, is a monumental difference having that service right at their back of the doorsteps of their homes,” said Palacios.

A total of 8,000 people live San Carlos. Mikaela Lopez and her neighbors have their homes, land and now those will be protected.

"There are times that they take long. We trust them and we need them to be quicker. The ambulance, firefighters in case something happens. Many things have happened here, not to me but in this same area or colonial many things have happened,” said Mikaela Lopez.

Palacios said the county will start working on this construction in about 90 days and it’s expected to take another 12 months for completion.

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