Summer Park Guests Worried with New Reservation Guidelines

Posted: Updated: Jan 10, 2018 12:09 AM

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – Changes at Isla Blanca Park has some people hoping they don’t lose their spot at their longtime getaway.

Cameron County believes this move will help bring in new guests.

“It’s unsettling obviously because we all want to stay together because we all take care of each other,” said Michelle Zamora, a regular summer resident at Isla Blanca Park.

For the past 25 years, Zamora chose Isla Blanca Park to be her summer getaway.

“That’s what I live in the summer and from April to October and the little-covered deal there is the gym car I kind of move around in,” said Zamora.

When it comes to reserving lots, this year is going to be different.

“Now anyone is going to have a fair opportunity to rent a spot. In the past, somebody could rent a spot and leave a deposit for the following year,” said Cameron County Parks Director Joe Vega.

He says they don’t want to turn away loyal guests like Zamora.

Their goal is to put longtime guests on the same ground as newcomers who can’t stay at the park because of how busy summer months can be.

“There’s always people calling in, asking if spots are available and we’d say there’s no spots available,” said Vega.

Zamora says she’s put a lot of effort into the lot she usually stays at and worries what will happen if the lot goes to someone else.

Throughout the years, she’s added landscape and poured concrete on her regular lot. She’ll lose it all if she doesn’t get the same spot as last year.

What concerns her most is the potential of losing friends.

“We all watch out for each other and everybody has the same concerns that we may not be able to be on the same lot,” said Zamora.

With the date to reserve spots quickly approaching, Zamora says her and some friends will be staying close by in order to be one of the first in line.

Residents can start reserving lots on January 15.

County officials told CHANNEL 5 NEWS people will only be able to reserve lots up to three months at a time versus the six months it was last year.

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