Cameron Co. Opens Breast Milk Bank, Asks for Donations

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SAN BENITO – Cameron County is urging all mothers who are currently breastfeeding to help others who can’t.

The Cameron County Health Department has set up a breast milk bank in hopes of collecting a supply of breast milk that will be provided to all four hospitals in the county.

Claudia Soto, a lactation program consultant, told CHANNEL 5 NEWS every one in nine babies are born prematurely.

She said the neonatal intensive care units here are always in need of breast milk.

Any mother currently breastfeeding a one-year-old or younger is eligible to donate.

“To participate as a donor, if moms have a very good milk supply, most of them are able to and willing to help other moms, other babies, with a mom that's struggling with a baby in NICU and they are not able to provide, and they know the risks of getting formula. They are pretty good at accepting this as the second best choice of food,” said Soto.

Women who are interested in donating will be asked for 100 ounces of their milk.

Donors will also have to go through a screening process. The county will then screen the milk to make sure it’s safe.

If you would like to donate contact the Cameron County Public Health Department at 1-888-942-4847.

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