Mission House Fire Brings Attention to Water Hydrant Shortage

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MISSION – Derek Laurel saw the only house he's ever lived in physically crumble within an hour Tuesday night. His father, a carpenter, built the house by himself before Laurel was born.

"I grew up in this home. I'm 22 years old and I grew up in this home since I was a kid. Just so many memories and we loved this home so much. It was just everything," said Laurel.

Fire marshals ruled the home a total loss. Laurel says something like this tragedy could be avoided.

He's questioning where the fire hydrants are. He's not the only one.

Terry Diaz lives one street down. Diaz lost her house to a fire in June. She's now living in a trailer home on the property.

"As of yet, none so if we have had water hydrants, we would have had more, you know, left of the house,” said Diaz.

As we reported Wednesday morning, the Mission fire chief said there were many challenges they had to quickly overcome.

Juan Pablo Terrazas, the city engineer for Mission, says the project for these hydrants is already underway.

"It's under construction, we should finish the project within a couple of months from now and then start phase two which is adding fire hydrants to that are.,” said Terrazas.

He says there will be hydrants added to three different streets that don't have hydrants. Those are Cheeryl, Bashem and Thompson roads.

He says the hydrants will be 300 feet apart and have enough pressure to sustain a steady flow.

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