Dance Battling Bobcats

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EDINBURG – A team hangout began like every other team hangout.

“Started with our dance battle, our talent show, and things that we have going on,” said Edinburg senior Jayla Santa Maria.

“That’s automatic in everything we do,” said Edinburg freshman Annika Saenz.

But on this particular night, the girls took things up a notch.

“Annika and Daysha decided to do the song that comes out in White Chicks,” said Santa Maria.

The next two days, the team learned every move. They recreated the entire scene, recorded it, and then posted the video on Twitter. It quickly went viral and already has over 50,000 views.

“It’s been pretty positive, but there’s some haters out there,” said Saenz.

The Bobcats’ dance battle video is just one of example of how much time the team spends together. Of the many things they do every single week, the entire team still finds time to get together for team night.

“Just getting to know them better and making memories along the way,” said Santa Maria.

It’s a family atmosphere 24-7 they say. One that’s created not just a strong team, but a strong band of Bobcat sisters.

"We’re pretty close actually,” said Edinburg freshman Daysha Tijerina. “I think we became super comfortable with each other so we basically do everything together.”

“It made me very comfortable knowing that they’re all here supporting you in whatever you do,” said Edinburg freshman Julissah Santa Maria. “They’re all going to have your back.”

“We’re now afraid to tell one another things,” said Edinburg junior Jenessah Santa Maria. “If we need help, we have a teammate.”

“We don’t feel like outsiders,” said Edinburg junior Myra Olvera. “We all connect and we can tell each other everything.”

Playing basketball or dancing in the backyard, it’s all the same to these teammates. Through the good times or bad times, the Bobcats go to battle for each other.