License to Carry Instructor Speaks on Gun Safety

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MCALLEN – Pharr police investigators are still looking into how someone dropped their gun at an HEB causing it to discharge and hit someone.

License to Carry (LTC) instructor Roy Balli said the shooting and mishandling of a gun are preventable.

Investigators are looking into how the gun was fired, how the person was holding the gun and if the proper safety equipment was used at the time.

"What probably happened was that they either did not have a holster or they didn't have it secured properly,” said Balli.

He started teaching proper gun safety 10 years ago.

“All of these were designed to fit some type of firearm. But if you don't have it in a holster, it's just loose in there. So if it was loose, it had a lot more potential just to fall out,” he explained.

Balli showed CHANNEL 5 NEWS the different styles of holsters from design to flexibility on the hip.

The following series of quotes show how a holster attached to a belt, one with a button discharge and another that tightly secures the firearm all around, functions.

"This is an inside-the-waistband holster, designed to be carried inside your waist and through a belt,” he said while demonstrating.

“This goes inside your pants and secure it with a belt loop, so when the belts on, the gun comes out, the holster stays there,” he explained.

"This has retention, so it's not going to come out very easily. You have to push this button and it comes out,” Balli said.

"There are all different types of styles. This has to be released pulled out and back in,” he said.  

Balli said shots fired from dropping a gun are rare.

"If it did go off, it could be a mechanical issue with the firearm… could be lots of different things,” he said. “They're designed – most modern guns have some type of safety internal to prevent that from happening.”

Balli said it's not against the law to not use a holster if you have a license, but it could keep someone from being hurt.

Pharr police explained they’re trying to determine if the person who dropped the gun, will be charged.

If you have any information on this case, call Pharr Crime Stoppers at 956-787-8477 or 800-648-8477.

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