Oral Rabies Vaccination Program Begins

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South Padre Island - The City of South Padre Island Animal Control Division will be assisting the Texas Department of State Health Services, Zoonosis Control Division with the Oral Rabies Vaccination Program. The program is aimed at reducing, with the goal of eliminating, the dog strain of rabies carried by coyotes in Texas. 

On Thursday, Jan.25,2018, baits containing a vaccination for rabies were distributed around the City in non-populated areas that may attract coyotes. The baits are made of a fishmeal casing with a pouch in the center that contains the rabies vaccine.

"The baits are aimed at the dog strain of rabies carried by coyotes in Texas," said Victor Baldovinos, environmental health director. "This is done as a preventive measure."

The public is urged to avoid disturbing the baits, which are clearly marked with warning signs. If a person or an animal should come in contact with the bait, please contact the number imprinted on the bait for the Texas Department of Health, 1-877-722-6725 or www.texasorvp.org