Texas BBQ & Watering Hole: History with Some Good Food

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HARLINGEN – A local man’s business started in a small place, then it moved into a historic building bringing in crowds.

Eduardo Casas is the owner of Texas Bar-B-Que and Watering Hole in Harlingen. It’s located at the Old Rainbo Bakery.

“We were out there for about a year-and-a-half trying to just get the business established. We always had plans to move into this building and renovate it,” he said.

It may not be recognizable anymore due to the outside’s different look.

“I’ve been to other places around the state, other parts of the country where people repurpose the buildings and I think that’s really important because we have to preserve history,” Casas said.

The menu at the restaurant is extensive.

“We sell good food and we care about making the customer feel comfortable here. This is their home. They can come and bring family,” Gloria Casas, the owner’s mother, said. “We do have a bar that services our clients. But we’re a restaurant that has a bar available.”

It’s part of the renovation that has brought this old building back to life including the literal writing on the wall.

“You can imagine, 1930 and the population 1,300 of Harlingen,” Gloria Casas said.

The bar manager, Jacob, said it’s refreshing to hear stories from their customers about the past. “It’s really cool to see the response of the people who remember driving through here, smelling the bread being baked,” he said.

One woman said she loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and what the owner did with the building.

“We’ve been blessed that people have been receptive to it. It’s obviously a new business model in Harlingen,” Casas said.

Texas Bar-B-Que is a combination of a little history and some good food.