Brownsville Family Seeks to Install Grave Site Bench for Loved One

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville family is working to resolve their concerns after they say a cemetery denied the placement of a memorial fixture for a loved one who passed away.

Two years after the death of his son, Osbaldo Pineda wanted to place a bench at the grave site of his son, Byron Pineda.

It would be a place for his three grandkids to visit their father, he said.

"They wanted to be able to sit there and talk to their Dad," said Pineda. "That's why we wanted it."

The family had the bench made in Matamoros after staff at Del Angel in Brownsville said the installation would be OK, said Pineda.

The family was surprised when after building the bench, they were denied, said Pineda.

"And then once we get it, they come up that they won't be able to do it," he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Del Angel Funeral Home about the problem.

A spokesperson said Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens, the adjacent cemetery allows benches, so long as they meet certain specifications.

"We are happy to meet with the Pineda family to discuss their bench and the installation process," said the spokesperson.

The Pineda family said they are willing to work with the funeral home if staff explains the way to complete the installation of the bench.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will follow up with what happens and let you know.

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