Resident Upset Over RV Park Property Line Issues

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ALAMO – A Rio Grande Valley mobile home park is coming under scrutiny from residents and the city of Alamo.

Casa del Valle is a mobile home park filled with Winter Texans. At the park, life is about the small things.

"Play some horseshoes, play some golf, go bird watching," said Clarence Tracy, a Winter Texan hailing from Missouri.

This snowbird says Casa del Valle Mobile Home Park put a house next to his home while he was away for the summer.

"This thing is sitting here. Staking surveys are gone," said Tracy. "It's close to my house, very close."

Tracy admits the home next door was a little too close for comfort. Tracy said he asked park management for room to spread his wings.

"They don't care," he said. "They just want the dollar."

The city sent a letter to Casa del Valle on Jan. 25 notifying management of building regulation violations.

Another letter from the city obtained by CHANNEL 5 NEWS states the home next to Tracy's was one of five in violation of local codes. The park has until Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, to gain compliance.

Alamo planning director Bobby Salinas says in a statement:

"There should be a total of 10' between structures (5' from the lot line), however, the issue came about due to the fact that there are no lot lines and it was misunderstood by management that they would only need 5' total between structures. The International Building Code also requires a minimum of 10' between structures."

We went to the Casa del Valle front office for answers. The office staff told us they would send our request for comment to their corporate ownership, RHP Properties, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan. We were then asked to leave the property.

On Friday, we received a formal statement from the RHP Properties Joel Brown.

"The safety and comfort of our residents is our top priority," said Brown. "We are in the process of gathering information and plan to work with the city to better understand and find a solution."

Tracy encouraged others to speak out.

"Stand up," said Tracy. "I think these people think that just because we're older we're senior citizens we're down here just for a good time. I think they think that we'll just all go away."

Tracy is hopeful he can get back to enjoying the warm winters here in the Valley with a little more breathing room.

The deadline for compliance is Friday. The city reserves the right to file a complaint in municipal court if Casa del Valle doesn't meet compliance standards.

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