Mexican Army Increases Presence in Nuevo Progreso

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NUEVO PROGRESO, Mex – The exterior of the Red Cross building in Nuevo Progreso now faces walls of sandbags on the town's south end.

A spokesperson said three days ago Mexican Army set up a small outpost in this part town and slept there for the first time Monday night.

The new military presence is an addition to the more common military presence at the international bridge.

For years, Nuevo Progreso has operated without a municipal police department. A mix of state and federal forces patrol the towns and cities if Tamaulipas.

"We welcome it because most of the people here live off tourism," said Juan Antonio Gonzalez, the Delegate of Nuevo Progreso. "It's a tourism town.”

Gonzalez said he doesn't know how long the outpost will be around. He said the Mexican Army has authority to deploy within the limits of Nuevo Progreso.

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