Contractor Agrees to Refund after Lack of Communication with Client

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MERCEDES – A Rio Grande Valley woman is exhausted with her contractor’s excuses. She said she paid him $1,500 for work that was never completed.

Now, he’s nowhere to be found with her money.

Lillie Dominguez is a realtor. She said she takes pride in providing dream homes to her community.

Last year, she began remodeling a new home. She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she hired a contractor who did a great job on the interior of her home.

So when he recommended his brother for the exterior stucco work, Dominguez explained, "I went against my rule that I advise buyers and sellers, you know not to do. Is don't hand money out before you have the work done.”

Dominguez said she paid Lee Roy Loya of Loya's Remodeling a down payment of $1,500 last September. The two agreed the work would begin in October.

Dominguez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS only one day of work was completed. She said after that day the disappearing act began.

"Many texts, phone calls and he fails to show up to appointments that he makes with me," Dominguez said.

Dominguez said she's losing money having to pay a mortgage for an empty home. She can't sell the home till the work is completed.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS called Loya to find out exactly what's going on. He explains the problem is he's been out of town.

However, he said he's willing to remedy the situation.

"Let me give her a call and if she wants her money, I will give it back to her right now or if she wants me to finish, we'll finish it," Loya explained.

Dominguez said she definitely wants her money back. She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS Loya did return her $1,500.

In addition, she says he asked for a second chance and has agreed to complete the work before receiving any payment.

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