Farmer Upset Over Faulty Checks from Produce Company

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WESLACO – A dispute between a produce seller and buyer could soon be settled. A Rio Grande Valley farmer claims he's still waiting to be paid thousands of dollars given to him in faulty checks. 

Jesus Verdin sells watermelon and citrus to produce companies. The main company he sold to last summer was RGV Produce.

Verdin says they paid him in cash up until the company fell behind on payments, so they paid him with two $15,000 checks.

He says the checks were null due to insufficient funds.

Verdin told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he doesn’t understand why the company won’t pay him the thousands of dollars when they were paying as scheduled for weeks.

RGV Produce sales manager Alejandro Badillo claims Verdin was paid for the hot checks.

“The checks have been paid in full. I have receipts and invoicing statements,” he says.

Badillo is compiling what he says is proof of payment.

He said he'll meet with Verdin and come to a compromise or discuss any discrepancies.

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