Harlingen VA Honors Women in the Military

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HARLINGEN – In honor of Women's History Month, the Veteran Affairs Center in Harlingen hosted an exhibit Tuesday.

It showcased portraits of female veterans from the Rio Grande Valley.

Among the 28 portraits was that of Janice Whitehead, an Army veteran who served one year in Vietnam.

Whitehead said she was impressed by the display.

"I've been really honored at the apparent appreciation and the fact that there are so many women veterans," she told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Whitehead says it was unusual in the Vietnam era to have a female serving in the Army. But she is proud to say that now there are two to three times as many women in the service.

Another portrait featured Lilia Garcia, a Mission veteran of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.

Garcia retired from the Marines in 2015 after serving for 20 years. She says she wanted to serve her country because she wanted more out of her life.

Garcia says the display acknowledges what women have accomplished for their county while serving.

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