High School Students’ Art on Display at National Car Show

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EDINBURG - A group of art students from Edinburg North High School is showcasing their skills at a national car show this month.

Art teacher Manuel Saenz Jr. coordinated with the South Texas Mustang Club to plan a Mustang art exhibit at the Lone Star Mustang National.

Saenz was excited to share the opportunity with his students. He says they all rose to the occasion but faced some worries in the beginning.

Senior Yolanda Lani Ramos says it was her first time drawing a car.

“I was a little apprehensive about doing it, but I’m pretty proud of the way it came out,” she said.

“Once you get started the wheels will begin to roll, pun intended, and they do get very excited, they want to see the completion of the projects,” Saenz said.

Each student had their reservations but was excited to have their art be on display.

Sophomore Edward Bennett says he’s a fan of drawing cars.

“Hearing that it was going to be at a car fest - I was happy,” he said.

Roel De Leon admitted he wasn’t keen on drawing objects with reflections but was proud of the way his car turned out. “It means a lot. I never really thought I’d get (my) art out there. I like to just draw for fun,” the junior said.

Brittlee Garcia, a junior, has been drawing for years. One of her featured pieces took about month.

“To me, it means that I have a chance to show what I can do. And like what abilities I can make into with that art and how much effort I can put into it,” she said.

Saenz says he wants them to continue to seek different opportunities going forward and how they should be honored. And he wanted them to know one more thing, “I want them to know that I’m proud of them and it’s an honor to be their teacher.”

The drawings will be from current and former art students. ENHS is the first high school to be part of an art exhibition at a car show.

Lone Star Mustang National will be hosted at the McAllen Convention Center from March 16 – 18. A portion of the net proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish and Channel 5’s Teach the Children.