Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement to be Present on South Padre Island

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – South Padre Island police are tripling their presence for spring break.

More people, more problems. Police anticipate this season and advise the public to be prepared.

People of all ages go to the island expecting nothing but sun and fun. The reality is those expectations can, sometimes, fall short.

It is no secret crimes on the island during spring break include aggravated assault, rape and robbery. Police are aware and taking action.

South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith said they'll have "extra police officers, extra code enforcement, extra jailers."

Federal, state and local police will be watching some from the ground level.

Smith said, “Undercovers that you would never suspect. They look a lot like spring breakers and they're mixed within the crowd doing proactive policing and giving us information so we can have our fingers on the pulse of what's going on."

Police recommend vigilance. Mother of five, Candy Kafka, keeps her family close.

"Usually if they go to the restroom or somewhere else where an adult can go with them, we'll go with them," she explained.

When the sun goes down, the Kafkas go home. For others, the nighttime is what they look forward to the most.

Safety is found in groups of people like young women in search of a dance floor.

One spring breaker explains, "We were in a circle yesterday. We were in the middle and all the men were surrounding us."

This way, nothing will spoil their two-day trip to South Padre Island.

For those who fall victim to a crime, police say it's best to report it immediately. This helps when it comes to gathering evidence.

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