Edinburg Resident Unable to Move Out of Apartment after Falling Down Stairs

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EDINBURG – An Hidalgo County man wants out of his apartment after falling down the stairs.

James Kennamur lives in an apartment complex that is under the Edinburg Public Housing Authority, which serves the disabled, elderly, and low-income. he says the problem is he cannot be moved to a single-floor apartment.

Kennamur has been on a move waiting list for over a month. The 51-year-old says he's lived at the La Posada apartment complex for a year and a half.

He says he was happy with his apartment until he tumbled down the staircase one day.

“I still have the mark on my leg,” says Kennamur.

He says diabetes causes him nerve pain and numbs his legs during a flare-up. Kennamur explains he has a hard time reaching his bedroom and bathroom - which are on the second floor.

“I lost my balance on this leg. I have diabetic nerve pain, it causes me to go numb, and I fell when that happened,” he says.

He says the fall left him with some scratches and pain in his left calf.

“It hurt. Sometimes, I can't get to the bathroom because it's so hard to go up the stairs, sometimes, when my leg goes numb,” he says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with Edinburg Housing Authority Director Elizabeth Hernandez.

She says Kennamur will have to wait his turn, and that they are doing what they can to work with him.

Kennamur says he hopes the housing authority will soon move him to a single floor before another accident.

For now, he says he'll rely on his caregiver to support him as he goes up and down his stairs. He says when the caregiver is not around, he will try to manage on his own.

Hernandez says he is close to the top of the waiting list for a new apartment; adding, not many more people are above him.

Hernandez tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS that people can apply to multiple city housing authorities.

She says the wait list may be shorter in other cities.

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