Rockport Continues Recovery Just Ahead of Hurricane Season

Posted: Updated: May 13, 2018 10:29 PM

ROCKPORT – With this year's hurricane season about two weeks away, many are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey last year.

The road to recovery post-Harvey has been a long one. Some residents in Rockport are back in their homes, but others are still making repairs and some are choosing not to return.

"At my home, I still don't have a roof," said Tiffanie Hoover, a Rockport resident.

Hoover took shelter with others in Rockport while the category 4 hurricane made landfall.

"You couldn't go outside because of the intense strength of the winds. It was quite the experience for all of us to go through, I wouldn't recommend it again," she said.

The days after Harvey proved to have their own challenges for Hoover.

"I learned real quick I could live without electricity, but I can't live without water. So it's the simple things in life that you truly appreciate," said Hoover.

Nearly nine months later, she said it's night and day compared to when the storm hit.

Right now, the city is actively working on repairs to put things back on track.

"We have 13 faith-based groups in our community right now that have lists of what's needed at each home and what's needed at each business," said Diane Probst, the Rockport Chamber of Commerce president.

While things have progressed well these past couple months, Probst said there is still more to do.

"Give us about another year, you're going to see the economy restored," she said.

While things may never return back to normal, both Probst and Hoover are optimistic about their town's future.

It's never too late to prepare for a potential hurricane here in the valley.

On June 2, CHANNEL 5 NEWS will air Facing the Fury to teach you the dangers of a hurricane and how to better prepare for what may come.

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