Temporary Fix Approved for “Yellow Water” Customers

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BROWNSVILLE - Bags of disposable plates and store-bought ice are some of the constant items on Araceli Palomino's grocery list. Palomino said she is afraid to wash her dishes or make ice with the water in her home.

She said it's constantly yellow, sometimes even brown. As a customer of the Military Highway Water Supply Corporation, she said this has been constant problem. "It takes a lot for us to have that in the house, because it's not just bottled water that we spend money on," Palomino told us. "If you are talking about material stuff, our faucets, our showers, everything is damaged."

The corporation's general manager Ramon Rosales said the customers living on Highway 281 in Brownsville have yellow water, because they are at the end of the water line. Sudden line breaks interrupt the water pressure and flow to the area. Palomino said MHWSC assured customers the yellow water would be taken care of months ago.

MHWSC administrators told customers they would start purchasing water from the Brownsville Public Utilities Board. The corporation didn't go through with the deal, because according to the general manager, at that time, it was too expensive to buy the water from Brownsville.

"We were very upset about it, because they didn't even approach is to see what was our concern," Palomino said. "Basically it's us - our health was in the middle and our kid's health."

Palomino added after the water purchase didn’t happen, she and others attended board meetings to voice their frustrations. She told us it worked. The MHWSC on Thursday agreed to buy water from Brownsville PUB.

"We are hopeful that we're going to have a change for my family," Palomino said. "I was very concerned about my kids. I mean, even to (give) them a shower, it was a challenge."

Palomino said she is happy Brownsville water is heading her way. It could be from one to two months before she gets water from BPUB.

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