‘That could set us back decades:’ State representative speaks out against Biden’s proposed gas tax suspension

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The federal government collects 18 cents per gallon in taxes nationwide, meaning that every time you pump gas, a portion of your money is taxed by the federal and state government.

In Texas, the state government collects an additional 20 cents per gallon. It's the reason why no matter how high or low gas prices are - you will always contribute 38 cents in taxes. 

President Joe Biden is calling on Congress and state leaders to consider temporarily suspending those gas taxes.

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“That could set us back decades, even though it saved somebody a couple of bucks at the pump,” Rep. Terry Canales said. "Collectively, it's worth a whole lot of money and that money is used to make sure we have the roads we need."

Twenty-five percent of your 20 cents tax contribution goes toward public education, according to Caneles – who also serves as the chairman for the Texas Transportation Committee. The other 75% of the taxes goes towards transportation infrastructure to help maintain and expand roads, bridges and other essentials. 

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The state gas tax provides $3 billion for public transportation systems and infrastructure and $800 million to public education. 

“Everybody needs to be vocal in saying 'This is not the solution,’” Canales said. “This is going to put s in a worst position. [You] guys in Washington need to get off your hands and get to work and figure out an international solution."

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