1,000 COVID-19 vaccines claimed minutes after official announcement at La Joya ISD

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Word got out early for La Joya ISD's vaccination clinic and in less than an hour, Hidalgo County had to tell people all 1,000 vaccines had been claimed. 

"It was our understanding that word got released earlier in the day about the clinic and that officials on the local level went ahead and allowed people who showed up to receive vaccines, to go ahead and register," Hidalgo County Spokesperson Carlos Sanchez said. 

Channel 5 News asked La Joya ISD why this all filled up so quickly. 

La Joya ISD said they couldn't tell us when registration started, but once traffic started to build up they had to let people in. 

"As soon as county tells us yes and people are showing up, then we just have to execute our plan. Because then like I said prior, if we don't, then we'll have them linger around our facilities or our areas or our communities, and that's going to cause traffic issues," Blanca Cantu, a spokesperson for La Joya ISD said 

Cantu said La Joya ISD didn't officially put the word out about the vaccines, but people still showed up. 

Hidalgo County is now planning to implement an online registration system as vaccination rollouts continue to happen. 

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