10-year-old girl celebrates birthday after long battle with brain tumor

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Miranda Perez turned 10 years old on Monday.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor as an infant, she travels to Houston for treatment every three months.

Miranda, though, doesn't let the brain tumor stand in the way of her dreams. When she grows up, Miranda wants to be an artist.

"An artist like a painting," Miranda said. "Or like singing."

Her father, Rolando Perez, said Miranda is improving but may become completely blind.

"The doctors told me she's going to survive, which is good news," Rolando said. "But maybe not good news: she'll be blind in the future. She's already legally blind."

To help celebrate her birthday, Texas Truck Nation and Cruise Night RGV 956 organized a drive-by birthday party for Miranda.

They plan to meet at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, at the Elsa Walmart before heading to her house.

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