2 Charged with Murder in Connection to Edinburg Crash

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EDINBURG – Two suspects were each charged with first-degree murder after a 27-year-old man, who was found injured in a one-vehicle crash, died.

Jillian Rae Hansen, 27, and Fabian Paredes, 31, appeared before a judge Friday afternoon.

Police said Joshua David Sanchez was found unconscious inside the car after crashing into a light post near south 10th Ave. and McCyntire St. on Monday. It appeared he was shot once in the upper body.

Sanchez later died at the hospital.

Edinburg Police Chief David White said it originated with a road rage dispute between the suspects and the victim near Schunior and Business 281. He said Paredes was the one driving and the one that fired the shot, hitting Sanchez in his upper body before crashing. 

White said finding the suspects took an extensive investigation. He said with the help of surveillance video and tips, investigators were able to locate Paredes' vehicle and home. Hansen and Paredes were arrested Wednesday night. 

White said a 9 mm gun was recovered from the home. 

"On a homicide or something of this nature, it takes top priority, put everybody on the street that needed to be out here with little tips," he said. "And we started putting the puzzle together and as the puzzle came and grew with some equipment that we have and some intuition, a lot of cop intuition involved. They developed the red pick up into it and we just kept looking for red vehicles that fit the description."

Although Hansen didn't fire the weapon, White said, by the law of parties, she will also be held accountable in the case. 

Both suspects were each given a $1.5 million bond and will be transferred to the Hidalgo County jail. 

Sanchez's cousin, Vanessa Gonzalez, was in the courtroom as the suspects stood before a judge. She said the single father worked in the fast-food industry to provide for his two boys, ages three and seven. She said he'd moved back home to the Rio Grande Valley from Minnesota less than one year ago. 

"He held himself because his son died too. So, he still had kids close because he didn't want to leave his kids. So, I know if something ever happened, he didn't want this to happen," she said. "His kids were his life. He had one that died. He didn't want to let go of the other, but this happened for a reason."

Gonzalez said the family is happy the suspects were caught. They hope to find justice and peace in the case moving forward. 

She added Sanchez dreamed of opening up his own food truck. She said that's a dream her family will now have to fulfill in his honor. 


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