2 McAllen Hotels Temporarily Shutdown Due to Tourism Drop

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MCALLEN – Two hotels in McAllen closed their doors Monday after being forced into a temporary shutdown. The hotel owners are waiting for the economy to pick up.

"Hotel industry in McAllen has really been suffering lately. What's happening is that because of all the violence in Reynosa the Mexican nationals who typically shop here are very hesitant to come through their own country to get to us,” said Nancy Millar, vice president and director of Visit McAllen, a division of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

The two shutdowns were discussed during a meeting between the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and hotel owners.

Millar says the hotels in the area are concerned about the temporary shutdowns. She said aside from the violence, the industry was also affected because new hotels opened up while fewer people are coming to the Rio Grande Valley.

Adrian Reyes works at one of the hotels in the city. He says it’s worrisome to see a hotel that appeared to be profiting close down.

“It's a scary thought because (the hotels) just two doors down the road (close), you know, that could happen to you, you could lose your job,” said Reyes.

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce also reports a drop in leisure tourism.

Millar says a misconception of violence in the area instead of solely across the border, has some travelers canceling trips.

Reyes and Millar both said they'll weather out this storm and cross their fingers that business picks up again.

Meanwhile, the owner of the two hotels that shutdown said neither building will be sold or repurposed. They said they’ll be put into hibernation until the economy improves.


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