2 Men, 1 Woman Injured after Being Struck by Lightning

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SEBASTIAN – Emergency crews responded to a call of three people struck by lightning in Sebastian.

The incident happened about two miles west of FM 506 Tuesday afternoon. 

Willacy County Emergency Management Coordinator Frank Torres said two males and one female were struck while working on a fence. 

Authorities said a helicopter transported the three people to a hospital. 

"We recommend that if you're outdoors, especially in weather that we're experiencing today, that you go indoors and get away from the thunder and lightning, away from the threat. Do not get under trees. That's the worst thing you can do," Torres said. 

The victims’ identities are unknown.

According to the National Weather Service, the odds of you being struck by lightning is about one in 1 million. Some possible dangers of being struck include cardiac arrest, nerve damage and brain damage. 

All the victims are recovering back at home. 


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