2 Valley Cities Join Lawsuit against Anti-Sanctuary City Law

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LA JOYA – Two Rio Grande Valley cities will join a lawsuit against the new sanctuary cities law.

La Joya and Palmview passed motions Thursday night to support the plaintiffs in El Cenizo vs Texas.

El Cenizo is suing the state of Texas over the new Senate Bill 4 law, which tells police they cannot restrict their officers from making immigration-related questions.

Palmview city manager Leo Olivares said the city is filing an amicus brief with the court in opposition to the new law.

He said the city wants to manage its own police priorities.

“We have our hands full. We’re a small operation,” he said. “It’s not our responsibility to enforce immigration laws. We will continue to operate with federal authorities on this issue, but it’s not our primary role.”

The new state immigration law will go into effect September 1.

Olivares said they expect a judge to hear the lawsuit in the next month.


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