2 Valley Men Face Up to 10 Years in Prison for Health Care F

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MCALLEN – Two Rio Grande Valley men are facing 10 years in prison after committing health care fraud.

Ivar Cantu, 46, of Palmview, and Omar Solis, 35, of Mission, pled guilty to conspiring to commit health care fraud on Thursday, Dec. 7.

Prosecutors said both fraudulently set up an account at the clinic where Solis worked and would have patients’ urine samples referred to a toxicology testing company where Cantu was an account representative.

Court documents show they did this in order to gain kickbacks.

Both Cantu and Solis forged patients’ signatures, falsified medical records and created fictitious documents.

The fraudulent activity cost Medicare more than $830,000.

Sentencing for both is set for February of next year.


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