3-year-old Migrant Boy Found Alone near Border's Identity Confirmed

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BROWNSVILLE – The identity of the three-year-old boy found in a cornfield has been confirmed.

The Mexican Consulate says Juan Carlos Vega is the child found by agents.

They say he is from Mexico and his parents now know his whereabouts.

Vega explains Border Patrol got in contact with the consulates to help locate the boy’s parents.

They found some of his family lives in Matamoros and his parents live in the United States.

Vega says the boy in in custody at an office or refugee resettlement center in Dallas; he doesn’t know if he will be reunited with his parents.

Authorities say the three year old was found in a corn field; he was part of a group who crossed the border illegally.

A phone number and his name were found on his shoe.


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