4 Valley Teens Accused of Murder to be Tried as Adults

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Four Rio Grande Valley teens who were accused of murder will be tried as adults.

Chayse Olivarez was reported missing on July 30, 2017. Two of the suspects showed investigators where his body was about a month later.

Since his death, no trials have taken place.

Many controversial events surrounded the case, including an alleged bribery, the transfer of the cases, and bond reductions.

Of the four suspects, two of them are minors. Each teen’s case was approved and transferred to be tried as adults in the criminal system.

“Because of the cold nature, the cold calculated nature of it, it's a serious crime. It shocks the conscious and our community demands justice, and quite frankly the juvenile system is not equipped to deal with that at this point,” says Starr County Attorney Victor Canales Jr.

The first trial in the death of Olivarez is set for September.

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